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What to Cover With a Potential Transport or Freight Company

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When hiring a potential freight company for your production or warehouse facility, you want to be sure to compare prices between companies, but cost alone should not be the determining factor when it comes to your hiring decision. You can pay for very cheap transport only to find that your deliveries never arrive on time or that a freight company cannot handle your delivery schedule, also causing delays. Before you hire any type of transport or freight company, note a few things to cover with them first, above and beyond pricing, so you hire a reliable company that can accommodate your needs.

1. Note their capacity

Capacity refers to the number of trucks a company has at their disposal but also their alternative methods of transport. This is important to note because weather can close roads or cause other delays, and your transport company should have the capacity or ability to use other methods of transport during this time. This can mean railways or air transport. Note the number of hubs they have as well that make up their capacity so you know they can easily forward your freight from one area to another without delay, rather than relying on one trucker alone to get your freight a long distance.

2. Ask about their software system

A reliable transport company will use an updated software system that can tell them the location of your package instantly, and also allow them to see potential delays in real time. This can alert them to the need to reroute your deliveries before they reach areas of inclement weather and the like. A good transport company will always choose a software system that is meant specifically for trucking and transport and rely as little as possible on human interface, for the fastest and most reliable exchange of information.

3. Ask about third-party logistics

Third-party logistics refers to outside logistics company with whom a freight company will have partnerships in order to forward freight or ensure timely arrival. This is beyond the capacity of a company mentioned above, as a third-party logistics company will be a separate company that provides services the freight company may not. Note what third-party logistics they offer and how this can ensure you have the delivery services you need; for example, if they have freight forwarders who handle imported or exported goods or third-party logistics companies that can handle your hazardous materials. This will ensure they have a wide network of carriers that can ensure timely delivery but also any special needs for transport. For more information, contact a company such as Jayde Transport.