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Three Life Events that are Better With Charter Flights

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Thinking of various life events may not lead you to the charter flight tarmac, but it should. There are certain life events that you will have that are just easier and better when you decide to use a charter flight instead of multiple commercial flights with layovers, cranky children, and those little bags of peanuts. Before you decide to have everyone scramble for flights, reduced layover times, and carry on luggage consider these events when a charter flight may be the ideal option.

Wedding Events

When you are trying to plan your wedding one of the first things you want to do is make sure your wedding party and close family are in attendance. This may mean ensuring that several people from one location, like your hometown or college town, are available and able to attend. A group charter flight can take care of this and ensure that larger groups of people from the same location can make it to your location in the easiest way possible. It reduces the chances of luggage being lost, people having delayed flights in various airports, or people being stranded during layovers.


Graduations are a big deal for most families. It's one of the few life events that you know about well in advance and can plan for ahead of time. Since you have enough time to plan and financially prepare, hiring a charter flight may make sense, especially when you consider the amount of attendees that will be in the same location. This is especially ideal if you are planning the attendance for your college or post graduate graduation ceremony and will be flying in several family members or friends from your hometown.


One life event that a charter flight could greatly benefit is your honeymoon. You likely already have considered plane flight, but a private charter flight may seem a bit over the top. Consider the benefits in this situation. If you take a normal flight, you are likely leaving your wedding reception or hotel and going straight to the plane. You will have to deal with baggage claim, checking luggage, waiting for the flight, layovers, and possible delays. All of this occurs before you even get to your honeymoon location. If you choose a charter flight, you can skip the stress and know your flight is ready to go and take you to your romantic getaway with no one else but you and your new spouse.

These are just three of the life events that are made better and less stressful by using charter flights. If you are ready to consider this as a flight option, contact your local charter flight company for price estimates and scheduling.