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Airport Transfer Questions Answered

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Travelling by air for the first time is a memorable experience. In between looking for visas, booking hotel rooms, and packing for the much anticipated trip, holiday makers can easily forget to make the necessary arrangements for smooth airport transfers.

The article below provides vital information about airport transfers for those flying for the first time.

Which Transportation Options Are Available for Airport Transfers?

Holiday makers are literally spoiled for choice in terms of the transportation options available to and from the airport. Groups of holiday lovers have the option of choosing between minivans, minibuses and coach buses for movement to and from the airport. Minivans are suitable for medium-sized groups of travelers. Minibuses are a better choice for those traveling in relatively larger groups. Some minibuses used for airport transfers have a carrying capacity of up to 30 passengers. Coach buses are available for even larger groups of travelers with a large number of coach buses having a greater seating capacity than the average minibus. Because holiday makers rarely travel in such large groups, coach buses are often charged per passenger with passengers having to make do with shared transportation to or from the airport.  

Well-to-do travelers can opt for a chartered aircraft for their transfer. Because hiring a chartered aircraft is relatively expensive, airport transfers by air are preferred for local and international airport-to-airport transfers.

Chauffeured limousines are also available for holiday makers looking to make a grand entry into their holiday destination.

For lone travellers, private airport transfer in the form of a hired car or airport taxi is often the best means of transportation.

How Can One Save on the Cost of Airport Transfers?

There are various practical ways to save on the cost of airport transfers, thereby saving on the overall cost of the trip. Choosing public transport to or from the airport is top on this list. For example, using the subway will often cost less than using a taxi or a chauffeured car to get to or from the airport.

It is also possible to save on the cost of airport transfers by choosing an all-inclusive holiday package. For example, holiday makers can choose to book themselves into an accommodation facility that incorporates the cost of airport transfers in the one-off payment for a holiday service package. A large number of accommodation facilities offer all-inclusive service packages as an incentive for prospective clients.