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Some Questions You Might Ask About Taking a Wine Tour

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Taking a wine tour can be a great way to enjoy the outdoors, learn how wine is actually made, and of course enjoy some of that fine wine! To ensure that you get the most enjoyment from any wine tour, you want to ask a few questions of the vineyard or the host arranging the tour so you know what to expect. Note a few of those questions here.

1. Ask how many they accommodate on a tour

Having a large group of people might mean too much of a crowd and not getting personalized attention from a tour guide. You also might not enjoy being around a lot of other people when you're trying to relax and go at a leisurely pace, enjoying the peace and quiet of a vineyard. Ask about the number of persons they accommodate or have on any particular tour and then note if this would be a comfortable number for you; they might give you a private tour if you prefer having just you and your partner or a friend along, even if it's for an extra fee.

2. Ask how far you will be walking

Depending on the tour, you might be on your feet for several hours in the day; this would include a tour of the vineyard, the area where they actually make the wine, the bottling plant, and the like. If you have any physical limitations or find that it might be too much walking for you, ask about breaks and how often you can sit, or consider a different type of tour. Some vineyards might have golf carts that they use to accommodate those who can't walk far, so ask if that is an option as well.

3. Ask if you can bring a camera and children

A vineyard may allow you to bring a camera to the vineyard itself but not inside the processing plant or bottling plant, as they may not want competitors to know how they make and bottle their wine. Be sure you ask if there are any restrictions before you bring your camera, and also note if they allow children. In many cases, those participating in the wine tour need to be of legal drinking age since the tour often includes sampling the wine. Before you assume that a tour is a family affair, ask about these restrictions ahead of time.

For more information about wine tours, talk to a vineyard in your area.