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How Transporters Minimise Driver Distraction

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Are you concerned that your consignment of goods may be damaged in case the truck driver gets involved in an accident due to being distracted by his or her handheld smartphone? Read on and discover some of the measures that freight transport companies take to prevent such incidents.

Written Policies and Manuals

Road transport companies may have written policies and guidelines that set out rules regarding when their drivers aren't allowed to use handheld devices, such as smartphones, when they are driving a truck. The companies may even take the extra step of inducting each driver so that he or she understands the written policies before he or she is allowed to drive a truck that is carrying cargo. Such written policies and manuals make a driver to be aware that he or she will not be treated lightly in case a breach of those requirements is discovered.

Signed Declarations

Another measure that road transport companies may take to avert any accidents that may result from driver distraction is by having each driver to sign a declaration stating that he or she understands the written policies against the use of smartphones during a trip. Such a declaration helps to keep the driver aware that the written policies and manuals must be kept in mind during each trip that the driver is assigned. In this way, your consignment is likely to be safer because the driver will always be focused upon the task of delivering your goods safely.

Monitoring Devices

Some road transporters also take the added step of installing devices in trucks to monitor whether the drivers are complying with the regulations against the use of handheld smartphones during a trip. One such device is a dashboard camera that records footage of everything happening within the truck cab during each trip. This footage is reviewed so that appropriate steps, such as reprimanding errant drivers, is taken. Drivers often respect the rules when they know that they are being monitored to ensure that anyone who violates those rules doesn't get away with it.

As you can see, several measures can be implemented to ensure that your goods will not be damaged during an accident that can be attributed to driver distraction. You should therefore ask the road transport companies that are competing for your business to explain how they ensure that products reach their destinations safely. For more information, contact a local road transport service.