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Wedding Transport for Your Guests: Why a Staggered Approach Can be Best on Your Big Day

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There are two key ways to ensure that there will be no major issues when it comes to transporting your guests on your wedding day:

1. Opt for a venue to host both the ceremony and the reception, so going from one to the other involves nothing more than a stroll into the next room.

2. Have a small civil ceremony at the registry office in your town and city, and safely assume that your guests will know how to make their way around in the place where most of them also live.

But unless your wedding plans can accurately be described by one of these two options, you'll need to make arrangements for your guests to travel safely and promptly on your wedding day. There are a couple of ways to go about this.

A Single Journey

Arrange a wedding charter service, like Sea Cliff Coaches, that will provide a bus large enough to transport most of your guests in a single journey. This can be the simplest way to go when your reception venue is suitably large and able to accommodate all your guests arriving at once. Staff can be waiting to greet your guests, offer a drink, or even seat them at their designated tables. But what about when the venue might be more of a boutique size? In this instance, it might be better to stagger your guests' arrival so that the venue isn't overwhelmed.

Stagger the Arrivals

Coach hire is still the best way to go, and yet multiple journeys can be a better bet. This can even mean that the chosen coach can be of a smaller size. After the ceremony, the first wave of guests can board the coach and be transported to the reception. Staff can greet them and seat them without anyone having to wait for too long. This first group of guests can include elderly family members, those travelling with small children, or anyone with mobility issues. This staggered type of transportation allows for this first group of guests to take any additional time that might be needed to get off the coach and make their way inside. The coach then returns to the venue where the ceremony was held to pick up the second group of guests. This is a practical way to avoid potential bedlam when everyone arrives at a smaller venue at the same time. You and your new spouse can travel with everyone else, or opt for a limo or private car to travel in privacy.

A staggered approach to transportation can ease the pressure on the reception venue and can help to make the whole day run as efficiently as possible.