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3 Things to Look for When Hiring a Personal Driver

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A personal driver is an excellent way of taking the stress out of travelling around a city. If you are thinking about hiring a personal driver, you will want to make sure you find the right person for the job. Below is a guide to some of the qualities you should look for in a personal driver.

A clean drivers licence

Before you hire a personal driver, you should check that they have a clean drivers licence. If you hire you driver from an agency, this should have already been done on your behalf. However, if you are hiring a driver directly without the use of an agency, you will have to perform your own checks. Even if a driver only has a few minor endorsements for speeding or other driving offences, this is a sign that they are not professional. You should always insist that your personal driver has a clean driving licence.

A sense of punctuality

If you have an important appointment or business meeting, you will want to make sure you get there on time. While your driver cannot control the amount of traffic on the roads, they can control their own punctuality. Ideally, your driver should always arrive a few minutes before you are due to depart, so they are ready to go as soon as you are. If your driver is late, you should investigate why. While being late once in a blue moon may be acceptable or even unavoidable due to factors which are outside the driver's control, if it becomes a regular occurrence, you should look for another personal driver.

A good temperament

You are likely to spend a lot of time with your personal driver as they transport you around town, so it is essential that you find a driver who doesn't become stressed. A driver who becomes stressed can quickly have a negative impact on your mood. Ideally, you should hire a driver who remains calm under pressure and who knows when to remain silent and when to give reassurance or to crack a joke. The only way to judge a driver's temperament is to hire them for a trial period and see how they are when they are behind the wheel. If you would like further help and assistance finding a personal driver, you should make contact with an agency which specialises in matching skilled drivers with the needs of clients.