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An Essential Guide for Selecting the Right Refrigerated Transport Service for Your Business

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Need refrigerated transport for your business needs? No matter the type of temperature-sensitive goods or products that you need to move from point A to B, there are many businesses out there ready to meet your transport needs. While this isn't a bad thing, it can leave you confused about which business to work with.

Here's an essential guide for choosing the correct service provider for your refrigerated transport needs.

Temperature Specifications

The first thing to do when picking a company to take care of refrigerated transport is to determine the temperature at which your goods should be stored during transportation. While some goods, such as vegetables and flowers, need to be stored at chilled temperatures to arrive at their destination fresh, others need to be stored at sub-zero temperatures to remain frozen throughout the transportation process. 

Make sure you select a company that can provide refrigerated transport units that match the temperature requirements of the goods to be transported.

Fleet Size

How many goods do you need to transport while refrigerated? There are many refrigerated transport options available for you to choose from. These include refrigerated vans, trucks and even trailers.

The appropriate company should have a fleet that is large enough to accommodate your biggest delivery but also flexible enough to match your changing scale of operation. If you are going to transport different types of goods with the same temperature specifications, it is important to find out if they can be transported together. More importantly, make sure your preferred company has a track record of keeping up with the maintenance schedule of its fleet of vehicles and refrigeration equipment. This is essential to avoid unpleasant surprises during transportation. 


A good refrigerated transport company should have a lot of experience in the specific area or areas of refrigerated transport that you need assistance with. This will help to ensure that your refrigerated transport needs are handled in the best way possible.

If you need to transport medical goods, look for a company that specialises in the transportation of pharmaceutical products. If you are a large-scale dairy farmer, a company that is experienced in transporting milk to the processing plants and consumer markets can easily match your needs, for example.

Selecting the right refrigerated transport company is essential for ensuring your temperature-sensitive goods arrive at their destination intact and on time. For more information on refrigerated transport, consult an industry professional.